Welcome to Lindy’s Pools

We have over 35 years combined experience in the custom fiberglass and gun nite / concrete swimming pool installation!  Me & my Father have installed between 2,000 to 2,500 fiberglass & gun nite swimming pools. We will always be family owned & operated. We are a father & son team who are just down to earth country folks who do things with a handshake and a smile. We are highly skilled in the custom pool installation field & have all the resources & relationships to get any job done & done right.

My Father started out in Trucking, Hauling Topsoil. In the topsoil business in order to stay competitive and ahead of your competition while providing your service at an affordable price to your consumer. You have to become skilled on many types of excavators, screeners, etc… Local pool installers had him deliver dirt and soon became aware of his skills on a backhoe. After being so reliable in the topsoil delivery process, they started using him & his backhoe skills. This is where he found his true calling and built his skills & knowledge in the custom in ground pool installation field. After learning what he needed, he decided it was time to sub to multiple contractors & when sufficient install pools completely on his own.

During this time he would use me and my brothers & taught us the pool process. Over time with schooling and the huge economic down turn me & and my brothers where forced to get steady jobs due to the drastic ups and downs in the pool market during 2007 & 2008.  I used this time to become a plumber apprentice and learn the more technical side of the plumbing field. I knew this would help us greatly if the pool market ever showed an opening for us to get back in. Then as we all know the stock market took a huge blow in 2008. This caused my commercial plumbing job to lay me off. Once again I looked for a job that could help us later on in the pool industry. My dad relied on his trucking skills and what pool sub contracting he could find to stay current in the construction and pool industry.

I then set my sights on the military knowing I would have a paycheck and could learn multiple skills in discipline and essential skills that I would normally only get by entering a tech school. I did four years in the military, helping my father when I could get a month of leave before & after deployments. This kept me current in the pool industry & hungry to get back in to it.

After my four years in the military me & my father had a talk about going back in the pool industry, opening our own company & also taking on many more companies to sub contract for. The stock market has stabilized substantially from where it was in 2008. We feel at Lindy’s Pool & Spa we can provide the best custom pool experience & product in the market at a fair price from now till the foreseeable future.

We got the name Lindy’s from my time in the military. Our last name is Lindemann but that is a lengthy word in the military. Like to abbreviate everything so they started calling & writing my last name as Lindy. Me & my father thought it fitting to use this name since it meant our last name & also paid tribute to my time spent in the Army Infantry.

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